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Jessie Cordell Head Shot

Jessie Cordell Head shot

Jessie Cordell and Angel Escobedo

Farming Beauty

Jessie Cordell / Farming Beauty

Jessie Cordell as Becca

Farming Beauty
Peace Book production
Thoughts on Race and Racism

This is a performance from Thoughts on Race and Racism. The show was performed at Lafollette Park and at Goodman Theatre.

Vagina Monologues
Ethnography performances

On the top right is Jessie Cordell performing her piece Coffee and Culture

Poster of Intimate Apparel
Intimate Apperal

Jessie Cordell/ Ilia Angelene

Intimate Apparel Jessie Cordell

Jessie Cordell and Nzinga Imani in Intimate Apparel

Intimate Apparel

Jessie Cordell at the end of Act 1

Jessie Cordell/ Tartuffe

Jessie Cordell as Mariane


Jessie Cordell / Jeffery Bigger/ LeeAnna Lambert Sweatt

Spurcey the Blue Christmas Tree

The Bum (Uncle Bud)

The Tree of Knowledge

Children of Eden

The Cast of Sprucey

Sprucey the Blue Spruce Tree

Jessie Cordell as Susannah

An Experiment with an Airpump

An Experiment with an Airpump
Jessie Cordell/ The Tempest

Jessie Cordell as the Harpy in the tempest

Jessie Cordell, Hayley Zarifis

The Ariels in the Tempest


Jessie Cordell / Therese Caldwell/ Nekia Driver/ Maya Shelton

Jessie Cordell
Finale of Children of Eden

Children of Eden

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